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SoundVision Productions® tackles hard questions and complex technologies. Our programs creatively interweave science, philosophy and culture. They stimulate the imagination and encourage critical thinking. Our projects are for people who are curious, who care, who want to learn, who want to find solutions. We work in public radio, the classroom, the community and on the Internet.

Spotlight: The Adaptors

The Adaptors


Climate change is calling. The adaptors are responding. We introduce you to them, one story at time. The Adaptors bypasses the political divide by focusing on the facts on the ground: How are climate change and an uncertain energy future affecting our lives right now and how are we responding. Our lens is trained on stories of invention, resilience and outside-the-box thinking. We seek out pioneers from diverse backgrounds with differing points of view who share one thing in common: they are adapting.

The Adaptors is a bi-weekly podcast and video series hosted by science journalist and videographer Flora Lichtman.

Audio Sample

New York City is poised to become the country’s largest producer of an unexpected type of green energy. This fuel source you can make yourself – and you certainly do. Anthony Fiore, director of the NYCDEP Office of Energy, explains how NYC’s Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant is turning sewage and food scraps into “black gold.”

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